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American History Video series, 15 episodes.

“Sydney and Max Blast Through the Past” is a fascinating study of American history through the eyes of teenagers.  It is unlike any series ever produced.  These teens use a combination of actual facts and deductive reasoning to discover that there may be much more behind many of history’s most important events than you think.  In these episodes, viewers watch as the teens travel to the actual historical sites and uncover ideas that might have played a significant part in the shaping of American history. 

  1. Early Native Americans communities – Walnut Canyon, Flagstaff, AZ 1100 AD

    Discover why some Native American’s picked this picturesque canyon as the site for their settlement.

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  2. Influence of the Pilgrims on Early American Culture – Plymouth, MA 1620

    See how the Pilgrims may have left a lasting impression on the people of Massachusetts.

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  3. Secret behind the Salem witches - Salem, Ma 1692

    There may have been more than just a group of rebellious girls behind the Salem witch trials.

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  4. The start of the American Revolution - Battle of Lexington, Ma 1775

    Discover what really happened at Lexington Green on that fateful April morning.

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  6. Traveling through the Underground Railroad - Sandy Spring, MD 1850’s

    Discover what it was really like for slaves traveling through the Underground Railroad.

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  7. John Brown helps to divide a nation -  Harpers Ferry, West Virginia 1859

    Follow the trail taken by John Brown and his men as they attempted to raid the armory at Harper’s Ferry.

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  8. The American Cowboy on the long cattle drive – MacDonald’s Ranch Scottsdale, AZ  1870
  9. Explore the life of the American Cowboy and his part in the development of the Old West

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  10. Civilization comes West - Tombstone, AZ 1891

    Gunslingers and shootouts become a thing of the past as the nineteenth century comes to a close.

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