About the American History DVD Series

In developing this series, We specifically designed it for children ages 10 - 16 with the intent of providing an entertaining path to exploring history.  The music, dialogue, and episode length were all specifically designed to interest and excite today’s teens.   The primary purpose is to present each short episode in a way that is entertaining and fast paced and will introduce kids to valuable historical information.  The main characters relate to the audience by providing characteristics and tendencies found in today’s typical teenagers.  The unique aspect of the series is that, while entertaining, it also encourages and inspires kids to use the analytical thinking skills that are necessary in building a solid education.   The Sydney and Max series does this by providing a hook that will peak a student’s interest in learning more about a specific historical event or time period.

In a way wouldn’t we all like to be Sydney and Max?  Viewers will have the opportunity to uncover history right before their eyes by visiting the sites of some of America’s most significant events.


Parents, teachers, and teenagers who have seen the first episodes have been surprised and excited about Sydney and Max.

Hi Lee!!

We’ve been keeping extra busy with our sight-seeing all over DC, a side trip to Gettysburg, and various locations in VA .. mainly on a Civil War and Lincoln theme! It’s been absolutely wonderful, but very time consuming!

I have not written up a review, yet, however my daughter Molly (10) and I have viewed both of the DVDs .. and we give them “2 Thumbs Up”!!!

We really enjoyed the length of the segments – not too short, yet not too long as to lose our interest; the variety of locations and stories; a “tease” vs. a long lecture re: events .. leaving us wanting to explore more on our own; the relationship between Sydney and Max, and Max’s “love” (read sarcastically) for Doc’s stories; and .. the jingle! We sang along to each segment!

Not truly knowing what to expect, we were both a bit apprehensive. We thought it’d be a long, drawn out movie with way too many facts and a list of dates .. and we’d be bored! Instead we were thrilled to discover that not only were we interested .. we were left hoping for more DVDs to come!! In fact my daughter, who can be a bit cynical for her age, said she had nothing bad to say about it .. it was ALL GREAT!

I like how this can be viewed all at once, though more likely a segment would be viewed when a particular subject is being studied or location is being visited! In fact, after viewing the DVDs, we really hope to get to MA at some point in the RV to see several locations mentioned! And tying in with our current travels .. we’d love to learn more about the Underground Railroad!

The 2 young people playing Sydney and Max were fantastic!! Max’s disinterest was comical, and perhaps only dragged a bit as we watched all of the segments one right after the other (we didn’t want to stop once we got going)! I liked that they were secular and touched historical subjects that some might shy away from, like prohibition!

I think they are perfect for homeschoolers and school kids alike .. and certainly perfect for families travelling on the road like we are!!

I will let you know when I finish the review! It will certainly be a positive one, and one that I look forward to sharing with many others! Diane Crayne Gardner

“.. after just watching a few minutes of the adventures of SYDNEY AND MAX , I was thinking how I could use it to encourage my students and enhance my classroom instruction. In today’s classroom, educators need to find something that will catch the attention of both male and female students, and I in my opinion SYDNEY AND MAX is that “hook”…” Jerry Troutman, Teacher (14 years) American History, AP and Honors American History, and Social Studies Department Chair Coronado High School

“This series should provide a solid foundation of Am. Hist. for teachers to build upon.” Bob Straub 20 year American History teacher Arcadia High School

Learned about the DVDs from USHistoryBlog.com. Am ordering them for our 12 yr. old Granddaughter who has moved here from England with her parents.
She has been exposed to much European history and is somewhat of a "history nut" and hope these give her  a basic understanding of  some eras of American history.
I am a  retired teacher (37 years) -  AP & US history teacher at the secondary level and still read about teaching on the internet.
Thanks for the programs and am looking foreword to viewing them with my Granddaughter.
Bob Lingow

I heartily support Lee Noble’s approach to teaching history to youngsters. Putting the emphasis on the “why” and using “a spoonful of sugar” is an effective way of developing an interest in learning history. Speaking as an educator for more than 40 years I’ve had great success using a similar approach to students of all ages
Marshall Trimble Official Arizona State Historian Scottsdale Community College

“This type of media is not just good; it’s needed”   “Teenagers will relate to Sydney and Max.”
 Linda Perl, thirty year high school history teacher

“I have several students who definitely relate to Max” Brian Stevens, eighth grade humanities teacher

“It was cool, I actually learned something”  Brendan McLane 17 years old

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