Sydney & Max: Blast Through the Past DVD Series

A DVD Series about American History taught by Teenagers

Sydney and Max can now be seen by downloading the Cinematix app on Google play and iTunes. Just download the app on any mobile device and look for Sydney and Max under the lifestyles section.

“Sydney and Max Blast Through the Past” is a fascinating study of American history through the eyes of teenagers. It is unlike any series ever produced.  These teens use a combination of actual facts and deductive reasoning to discover that there may be much more behind many of history’s most important events than you think.  In these DVD episodes, viewers watch as the teens travel to the actual historical sites and uncover ideas that might have played a significant part in the shaping of American history. Each episode has its own worksheet for students to complete during the video, a set of discussion questions, and suggested individual and small group activities.

All the episodes follow the American History national curriculum and the analytical component follows the UCLA American history standards developed for the National Education Council. 

Click Here: To purchase Individual American History episodes. The episodes are $6.00 each and will be immediately available upon purchase.

Each episode revolves around Sidney and Max, two teenagers who travel to places where significant historical events have taken place.  After receiving limited information from their uncle, an anthropologist who they call Doc, the kids investigate each area and uncover the actual circumstances surrounding each event.  While Sydney is enthusiastic and anxious to explore the truth behind these events, her brother Max is initially uninterested and finds the entire ordeal a waste of time. Through their investigation the kids devise their own theories of what may have actually been the cause behind these events.  Between Doc’s facts and their investigation, both Sydney and Max eventually realize that history can be both fascinating and important. 

For a Limited Time The “Sydney and Max Blast Through the Past” 2-DVD set can be purchased for $19.99 plus $4.00 Shipping and Handling within the US (There will be a $10.00 Shipping charge to anywhere outside the U.S.). >>>Click Here to purchase the American History DVD Series 
Complete Lessons are included with the DVD package and are encrypted on the discs.  The questions can be printed out directly from the discs.

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Testimonial of the Sydney & Max DVD Series

Pre-Review: Testimonial from homeschool mom Diane Crayne Gardner: My daughter Molly (10) and I have viewed both of the DVDs .. and we give them “2 Thumbs Up”!!! We really enjoyed the length of the segments – not too short, yet not too long as to lose our interest; the variety of locations and stories; a “tease” vs. a long lecture re: events .. leaving us wanting to explore more on our own; the relationship between Sydney and Max, and Max’s “love” (read sarcastically) for Doc’s stories; and .. the jingle! We sang along to each segment! Read More>>>

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